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Former Indian cricketer Murali Kartik recalls the controversy over the 2012 Mankading incident

murali karthik

In the game of cricket, Mankading is nothing but running out the non-striker whilst he is backing up. Backing up too far in the crease gives an unfair advantage to the batsmen and when the bowler tries to Mankad the batsman, the bowler is on the receiving end of trolls and abuses. 

The spirit of cricket is often misused as far as Mankading is concerned. Mankading a non-striker when he is backing up too far is well within the Laws of Cricket. Meanwhile, former Indian left-arm spinner Murali Kartik revealed that his wife immediately ran away from the ground after he was booed for "Mankading" while spicing it up in county cricket for Surrey against his former team Somerset in 2012.

The incident unfolded when the left-arm spinner ran Alex Barrow out at the non-striker's end, in what turned out to be a big controversy. Soon after the incident, the crowd violently booed Karik and Surrey skipper Gareth Batty. 

Actually, a warning should be given to the batsman in case he is trying to back up too far. Although Kartik warned the non-striker Barrow earlier in the over for the same, the batsman was least bothered about the warning and committed the same mistake again and hence, Kartik had every right to run him out.

My wife ran away from the ground - Murali Kartik recalls the controversy over the 2012 Mankading incident

Recalling the turn of events surrounding the controversy in 2012, the commentator told Ravichandran Ashwin in a YouTube interaction on the show DRS with Ash: "My wife ran away from the ground. It was that kind of a threat with the crowd booing and all. They almost entered the dressing room.”

The 44-year-old Indian commentator explained that he didn't do anything wrong back then and would also do the same to every batsman if he was still playing the sport. "In my case, I warned the batsman thrice. They never spoke about that. Despite the warning, they are blaming the bowler. 

I am ready to run out all the 11 batsmen if they step out before I deliver the ball," said Murali Kartik. "What the bowler is doing is right and the batsman is wrong. By bringing in the spirit of cricket, they have made the bowler the villain, which is so wrong," he added.

The 44-year-old reckoned that the Mankading incident got blown out of proportion since his former county Somerset were at the receiving end. He also explained everything in detail. "I had done it (Mankading) five times before but it became a controversy because I did it against Somerset, a club for which I had played for three years. 

Somerset was already upset that I went to Surrey. They had so many accusations against me - that my wife liked city life and that’s why I went to London, they must be paying him more, etc. So, Somerset was my previous team, which is why it became so huge.”

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