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"Hello white ball, where are you these days?" - Ravichandran Ashwin reacts to Wasim Akram's top deliveries

"Hello white ball, where are you these days?" - Ravichandran Ashwin reacts to Wasim Akram's top deliveries

Gone are the days when the fast bowler had plenty of tools and weapons in his bowling arsenal to ruffle the feathers of the batsmen. Ever since the ICC introduced a new rule to bowlers, the game has slowly turned out to be a batsman's game because the batters are getting all the advantage of taking the attack to the cleaners. 

One should note that two new balls are used in limited-overs cricket now. In his scenario, the equation makes it quite tough for the bowlers to reverse swing it. The rule of using 2 new balls from either end in alternate overs of 50-over format was introduced by none other than the International Cricket Council (ICC) in late 2011. 

Three years ago, India's batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar and Pakistan's great fast bowler Waqar Younis revealed the downside of using 2 new balls from both ends in ODI cricket. Since 2011, it is evident that the batsmen have taken over the game and have often targeted the bowlers with relative ease. 

"Having 2 new balls in one day cricket is a perfect recipe for disaster as each ball is not given the time to get old enough to reverse. We haven’t seen reverse swing, an integral part of the death overs, for a long time," Sachin Tendulkar had said earlier. Even Waqar Younis agreed with Tendulkar's statement. 

Former Pakistani said: "Reason why we don’t produce many attacking fast bowlers.They all very defensive in their approach...always looking for change-ups..totally agree with you @sachin_rt reverse swing is almost vanished." 

Ravichandran Ashwin reacts to Wasim Akram's reverse-swinging balls

Meanwhile, one of the Twitter users uploaded a video clip of former Pakistan's bowling great Wasim Akram where the latter kept the New Zealand batsmen silent in an ODI game. Akram, who is famously called the 'The Sultan of Swing', was reverse swinging the ball during the 44th over of the match. 

India's veteran off-spinner Ashwin cited that the white ball doesn't reverse swing like that now. "Hello, white ball!! Where are you these days?? That’s the 44th over and reverse swing at its best from the king @wasimakramlive," wrote Ashwin. The spinner's reply went viral on the internet. It is quite clear that using 2 balls has been a letdown Let's hope that the ICC would bring back the old rule of sticking to one ball instead of two.


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