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Lord's prankster 'Jarvo' hilariously sets up a tent during a cricket game


There were several incidents of pitch intruders disturbing the flow of the game. At times, security and ground officials miss out on preventing them from entering the turf. How often have we seen fans invading the pitch? Earlier, fans invade the pitch only to seek the blessings of their idols.

Fans usually do this during the course of the game because they don't get a chance to meet their idols after the game. But there is no hiding from the fact that the game gets delayed due to these unnecessary antics by intruders. Recently, the second Test match between England and India witnessed one such drama.

However, this was way creative that drew the attention of the cricket fraternity. A pitch intruder who donned an Indian jersey with the name imprinted as "Jarvo" and number "69" announced himself as an Indian fielder during the second Test.

The fan, apparently from England took the commentators and fans by surprise. When he entered the Lord's Cricket Ground on Day 3, the match was delayed for moments. The security officials quickly rushed to him in a bid to take him off the ground. However, the fan kept on insisting to them that he is an Indian player.

He also pointed his finger at the BCCI logo to them, suggesting that he is playing for India. Meanwhile, the fans cheered him up and he became an internet sensation in no time. The officials, somehow, took him off the ground. The video clip spread like wildfire on social media.

Jarvo turns up again; sets up a tent during a game

The prankster took to his Twitter handle and wrote: “the first white person to play for India”. Yes, I am Jarvo that went on the pitch. I am proud to be the first white person to play for India!!!!!”, he wrote.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time that Daniel Jarvis invaded the ground and stole the spotlight. Earlier, he was involved in another notorious act. Without even caring about anyone, he savagely set up a tent in the middle of the ground. The officials who noticed this quickly took him off the field.

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