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T20 World Cup 2021: Harsha Bhogle corrects Pakistani fake news peddler regarding a quote on Babar Azam

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T20 World Cup 2021: Pakistan have finally qualified for the semi-finals of the t20 World Cup. Moreover, they will be facing Australia in the semi-final two on Thursday, November 11. However, this t20 World Cup has been nothing short of a fairy tale dream for the men in green. The Pakistan team have highly dominated each and every team in their Group B.

Moreover, the men in green also went on to create history by beating arch-rivals India. They went on to put a daunting and dominating performance against the men in blue in the t20 World Cup. Pakistan beat India by a whopping ten wickets at the end which in itself was a huge record.

But the Pakistani journalists and their fans could not digest the victory. The men in blue and the Indian fans were constantly targeted by the ISI sleeper cells and other Pakistani fans. It was as if Pakistan had beaten India in the t20 World Cup final.

However, the winning chariot of the men in green did not stop any time soon as they went to go unbeaten in their Group. Moreover, Pakistan is the only team that has gone unbeaten in this t20 World Cup.

But it has happened all thanks to the Babar Azam having the luck of winning the toss. Moreover, the men in green have gone on to win every toss in their t20 World Cup match. But the luck also has its own time and the day Pakistan loses the toss their winning bubble could very well stop right away.

T20 World Cup 2021: Harsha Bhogle corrects Pakistani fan regarding Babar Azam

The Pakistani fans have gone out of control and crazy regarding Pakistan’s performance in the t20 World Cup. Moreover, they are constantly peddling fake news regarding their players and team. A similar Twitter account went on to peddle fake news. The account put a fake statement quoting Harsha Bhogle as the best captain of Pakistan.

But Harsha Bhogle was quick to react and clarified that he had not said anything as such. In fact, Harsha clarified that it was regarding Babar Azam’s batting that he commented on and not his captaincy in the t20 World Cup.

This was a huge slap on the fake news handle who was constantly gaining followers by posting such fake statements of applause. Moreover, people like Harsha Bhogle should come out and call out such fake news peddlers.

However, the fake news peddler has already lost a major chunk of his followers due to the allegation. And it looks like the fake applause and the pleasing bubble has gone on to burst down. But Pakistan will be hoping to do better against Australia and the Aussies will provide a real test to the men in green on Thursday.



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