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Throwback: When the richest cricket body's official Twitter handle was hacked

sachin tendulkar

Communication plays a very important role in day-to-day lives. Earlier, people used to communicate with each other via phones. As technology improved, people started communicating with each other via social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Twitter and so on.

Although technology is seen as a boon to mankind, there are disadvantages as well. Some may hack a certain website and claim that it is theirs. No matter how strong you set a password and strengthen your security, there are dangerous hackers who can still bypass and hack it with ease. 

Not just websites, even personal social media accounts are also being hacked these days. We have seen celebrities posting strange tweets on their Twitter handle. It is also because their account must have been hacked by someone. 

When the BCCI account was hacked in 2013

We have also seen celebrities filing a complaint claiming that their accounts have been hacked. 8 years ago, an unexpected incident happened when a BCCI Twitter handle was hacked. BCCI is the richest cricket body in the world and surprisingly, it was hijacked by a stranger in 2013.

The proof was there was everyone to see on their official Twitter handle. When Sachin Tendulkar batted for India for the last time in international cricket on November 13, he bid adieu to cricket on November 15. On the same day, BCCI's handle was hacked by a stranger.

The stranger seemingly posted Sachin Tendulkar's picture and wrote a caption containing a cuss word. The caption of the picture reads: "@LethalKiller69 Bhenchod click here for your Sachin Tendulkar personalized digital autograph."

The tweet soon went viral on social media. Fans and followers couldn't resist commenting their views and opinions on the post. Most of them were able to figure out that the Twitter handle was actually hacked. BCCI, being the richest cricket body abides by Twitter policies and in no way that they would use a cuss word. 

Meanwhile, India are currently in quarantine after arriving in the UK on June 3. Team India will take on New Zealand in the inaugural edition of the ICC World Test Championship final at The Ageas Bowl in Southampton on June 18.

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