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Watch: Comedy of error near the boundary rope after fielder makes a superb fielding effort


Fielders are responsible for saving runs for the team. The best thing that a fielder can do is to save runs such that his team benefits a lot during the game. We have seen teams losing the game by 1 run. Cricket is a game of fine margins and all those 1-2 runs saved by the fielders certainly plays an important role. 

There are many world-class fielders in contemporary cricket. The likes of Ravindra Jadeja, Ben Stokes, Kieron Pollard, Steve Smith are some of the best fielders in the current era. As far as the past era is concerned, Jonty Rhodes, Andrew Symonds, Suresh Raina, Mohammed Kaif, Yuvraj Singh, Ricky Ponting, Herschelle Gibbs, Paul Collingwood were the best fielders in their playing days.

Meanwhile, during the European Cricket Series tournament, a rib-tickling incident took place during the game that took the cricket fraternity by surprise. People who watched the incident were taken aback by the hilarious fielding effort. The hilarious incident left everyone in stitches. The video has also gone viral on social media.

Fielder makes a comedy of errors near the boundary rope

Well, what happened near the boundary rope turned out to be a highlights package for the fans across the world. What started as an extraordinary fielding effort turned out to be a hilarious incident. Netizens, commentator couldn't control their laughter after watching the incident. 

During the game, a tailender by the name of P Jagtap tried to hit S Ramarao for a boundary in the fourth ball of the 10th over. As it happened, the fielder from the opposition team made a sensational fielding effort and prevented the ball from going for a boundary. 

Although he did make the first attempt properly to save a certain boundary, he did make a hilarious mistake after picking up the ball. The fielder was supposed to hand the ball to the bowler as he had 2 more balls to complete the over. But the fielder used his under-arm to throw the ball but what happened next was unforgettable. The fielder inadvertently threw the ball behind the boundary rope and it was declared a boundary.

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