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WATCH: Fan takes an absolute scorcher in the stands; leaves his girlfriend amazed

cricket fan takes 4000 catch

A cricket match without fans is the most disappointing thing ever. Fans play an important role in cheering up for their teams and players during the passage of the play. Even if the team gives up, the fans would still root for their teams in the hope that the players would produce a miracle.

The cricket fraternity has witnessed a plethora of incidents of batsman hitting sixes with ease. Yes, these days, batsmen are effortlessly hitting sixes with sheer timing. In other cases, some batsmen generate immense bat speed against the pace of the ball to launch the ball into the stands.

In such cases, spectators have turned fielders to take catches in their safe pair of hands. Seemingly, fans have done a lot of work by grabbing a catch and returning it to the players. Well, this is precisely why the top-tier tournaments have announced a massive cash prize for the best catch of the season. 

Fan takes a screamer in the stands; takes everyone by surprise

A cricket fan in New Zealand has bagged $5,000 after grabbing a sensational one-handed screamer. The video clip of the same is doing the rounds on social media portals even today. The incident happened in 2014 when the first-class Twenty20 match was going on between Otago Volts and Wellington Firebirds.

Andrew McCulloch was relishing the Twenty20 match with his girlfriend in the stands sitting on green grass stock. As soon as the man saw a batsman Michael Bracewell who is coincidentally Andrew’s girlfriend’s brother thump a ball high into the air, Andrew did the unthinkable.

The fan had his eyes on the ball as he rushed to the front with full of zest and determination. As it happened, the spectator grabbed the hand in one hand, in what turned out to be one heck of a catch. Everyone including his girlfriend was taken aback by the catch.

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