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Watch: Marnus Labuschagne's bizarre catch in Sheffield Shield match stirs huge uproar on social media

Watch: Marnus Labuschagne's bizarre catch in Sheffield Shield match stirs huge uproar on social media

Catch is not just a phrase but an emotion in the game of cricket. When a batsman hits the ball high in the air, the first thing that the fielding team say loudly is “Catch” in a high-pitch voice. There is no better delight than seeing a fielder taking a catch in his safe pair of hands. 

For some fielders, taking a catch gives them a great sense of accomplishment. Recently, Australian international and Test specialist batsman Marnus Labuschagne grabbed the headlines recently for his peculiar catch in the Sheffield Shield fixture between Queensland and New South Wales. 

Although the on-field umpire had two options in mind whether to give out or not out, he gave “out”. A controversial catch taken by Australian Test specialist Marnus Labuschagne raised quite a lot of eyebrows with social media users questioning the umpire's decision.

Umpire considers Marnus Labuschagne's catch as "legal"

The on-field umpire had no doubts whatsoever in the catch and hence it was so easy for him to make a judgement. It all started when Labuschagne’s catch for Queensland in the Sheffield Shield against New South Wales left everyone puzzled. Majority of the users claimed that it was “not out”.

Most of them were of the notion that Marnus didn’t have control over the ball after taking the catch. New South Wales’ batsman Baxter Holt got a thick outside edge off Mitchell Swepson's ball. As it happened, the ball looped up towards Marnus at the cover area. 

Meanwhile, Labuschagne sprung into action and caught the ball, but looked like he was retreating before he turned around and the ball slipped out of his buttery fingers. Meanwhile, the umpire gave it out, thus bringing Baxter Holt’s innings to a close.

Several users cited that catch can be considered “complete” once the fielder shows total control over the ball and their body. Since the ball already came out before Marnus had control over his body, then it is considered not out. Netizens reckon that the umpire might have made a big blunder in terms of his judgement.

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