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WATCH: Shakib Al Hasan furiously kicks the stumps in rage after umpire turns down appeal against Mushfiqur Rahim

shakib al hasan kick

Bangladeshi cricketers are making the headlines for all the wrong and hilarious reasons. We have often seen cricketers venting out emotions on the field. At times, the professional cricketers tend to cross their limits which makes the entire episode from bad to worse. 

After all, cricket is a game of emotions but it is going to do any good if cricketers take extreme steps. Recently, Bangladesh's experienced all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan made the headlines for his rude behaviour right in front of the on-field umpire during the Dhaka Premier League match.

The all-rounder lost his cool when his LBW appeal was quickly turned down by the on-field umpire. Shakib delivered a straight delivery and to which the opposition batsman Mushfiqur Rahim decided to play out a dot ball by defending the ball. However, that didn't happen as per his strategy.

Shakib Al Hasan loses his temper after his appeal was turned down by the umpire

Shakib's delivery beat him all ends up as it went on to hit his pads and was plumb. Usually, umpires raised their hands when it's a plumb and Shakib's delivery was indeed worth the appeal. When the umpire was not interested with the appeal, Shakib lost his temper and unleashed all his emotions right in front of the umpire.

What transpired next was indeed the worst and rude behaviour from Shakib. The veteran cricketer lost his mind and went on to kick the stumps with force, expressing rage and frustration. All the series of events happened right in front of the umpire and the latter wasn't really pleased with the cricketer's behaviour.

Being a professional cricketer, it is not advisable to behave in a rude manner. He breached the code of conduct by kicking the stumps, which is not good for the sport. Several fans including the Bangladeshi supporters took to Twitter and criticized Shakib for his disgraceful behaviour.

However, after the match, Shakib took to social media to issue an apology for his behaviour in the domestic match. "Dear fans and followers, I am extremely sorry for losing my temper and ruining the match for everyone, especially those who are watching from home. An experienced player like me should not have reacted that way but sometimes, against all odds, it happens," Shakib Al Hasan wrote on Facebook.

"I apologise to the teams, management, tournament officials and organizing committee for this human error. Hopefully, I won't be repeating this again in the future. Thanks and love you all," he further added.

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