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Watch: United CC pull off the ropes from jaws of defeat in ECS T10 league


The ongoing edition of the European Cricket Super T10 league in Prague has been nothing short of entertainment. Some fixtures didn't cease to amass the fans as hilarious moments were witnessed during the passage of the play. As the years progressed, plenty of cricket tournaments across the world also expanded.

Thus the introduction of the ECS T10 league. Earlier, India's veteran off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin took to his official Twitter account and expressed that he has been closely following the ECS T10 league which took the Indian cricket fraternity by surprise. Fans praised the experienced off-spinner for keeping track of all cricket-related activities.

Meanwhile, during the 31st game of the ECS T10 league tournament, the sensational drama was witnessed which kept the viewers talking about the incident. Batting first, PCR scored 91/5 in their quota of 10 overs against UCC in the match. It was indeed a good score considering that it is a 10-over game.

Is this the best climax in cricket history?

Needless to say, the match went till the end, in what was a nail-biting climax as UCC fought a good fight and pulled off the ropes from the jaws of defeat in the last ball of the 10th over. The match spread like wildfire because of what transpired in the final ball. It was indeed a golden ball and UCC required a couple of runs to clinch the match in the last ball.

UCC held their nerves firmly and accomplished the job quite successfully. Meanwhile, social media users couldn't stop talking about the scintillating encounter. The UCC batsman ensured to play a square cut off that last ball but sadly, the ball reached the fielder in the circle. 

He managed to take just one run before the throw was directed to the wicket-keeper. Meanwhile, the non-striker reached in time before the ball reached the wicket-keeper. He waited in the crease for the wicketkeeper to whip the bails instead of running again. 

Meanwhile, all the PCR players started celebrating but the batsman kept running from the other end. By the time all PCR players celebrated the win, both the batsmen completed another run. As per basic rules, if a batsman is in the crease, the opposition can't run him out and the second run was considered a valid run. Batsman did a thug life as UCC won the game by 5 wickets.

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