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Zimbabwe all-rounder Ryan Burl could be punished over his sponsor-seeking tweet

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Zimbabwe cricketers have been making the headlines of late. They were outsmarted by Pakistan in their last assignment. Although they fought a good fight in the T20I and Test series against the Green Shirts, they lost both series.

At first, they lost the T20I series by 1-2 and were whitewashed 0-2 by Pakistan in the Test series. Now, the Zimbabwean players will fly to Ireland to play the three-match ODI series followed by the three-match T20I series. Ahead of the upcoming assignment, one of their players could be punished for a sponsor-seeking tweet.

Zimbabwe all-rounder Ryan Burl made the headlines recently after signing a sponsorship deal with Puma Cricket. A few days ago, he took to Twitter and posted a picture of his torn shoes. He had asked for a sponsorship for his teammates so much that the players wouldn't have to fix the shoes back when a series gets over.

His tweet went viral on the internet and his plea was heard within a day Puma Cricket offered him a sponsorship deal. While the cricket world was happy with Puma assisting Burl, the entire episode didn't go down well with Zimbabwe Cricket Board.

Zimbabwean all-rounder Ryan Burl could be punished

Zimbabwe Cricket Board was not really pleased with Burl’s plea on Twitter as it ruins the reputation of the organization. Moreover, the southpaw could face some serious repercussions over this incident as the board officials are planning to take disciplinary action against him.

A couple of tweets from journalist Adam Theo suggest that the board members might drop the all-rounder for his help-seeking tweet. “I’m told that certain members high up in Zimbabwe Cricket are angry at Ryan Burl’s plea for sponsorship help as it “reflects bad on the organisation. I’m also told that the same members want disciplinary action to be enforced. This would be a terrible move by Zim Cricket,” wrote Theo in a tweet.

“Knowing how ZC works, this won’t be public disciplinary action but rather behind the doors nonsense. Don’t be surprised to see team selection omissions and similar techniques used. Hope I’m wrong,” he added.

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